Chromebook Policy & Insurance Fee

Once again, we will offer a NEW Dell Chromebook to every ninth-grade student, which they will use until they graduate.  In order to receive the Chromebook, both the student and the parent/guardian are required to sign this agreement or pay via The $20 Chromebook Insurance 2023-24 is listed under Technology.   

If you are using PaySchools for the first time, you will need to register.  When asked for your student’s ID number, this student number can be found on your child’s PS public portal account, under Demographic Information.  Look for the Student Number.  Note:  You cannot use the mobile app for the Power School Public portal because Demographic information is not available on the app.

If paying via PaySchools, you are acknowledging terms of the agreement and do NOT need to return the below form.
A second option is to pay the $20 fee by issuing a check payable to:  Dumont Board of Education.  If you pay by check you must complete the information below and return to DHS along with your check. 

Please submit payment by Sept. 8, 2023.  Device will not be issued without insurance payment.